I am passionate about educating young men and women, up and coming bloggers, brands and brand managers about the blogging industry.  Having blogged for 10 years, I am a veteran in the industry making me the perfect fit for many types of engagements. I have built a brand of my own that continues to change and grow a loyal community of friends, followers and fans across multiple web platforms. My speaking style is very honest and personal, and I have been covering a wide range of topics in my speaking engagements from social media, and the beauty industry, branding best practices and beyond. 

Lianne on stage in Chicago at her Keynote for The Makeup Show (June 2014)

Lianne on stage in Chicago at her Keynote for The Makeup Show (June 2014)

Past Engagements

June 2014 The Makeup Show (Keynote) Chicago, IL

May 2013 The Makeup Show (Focus Series:  Marketing Me: Strategies for Success in the Freelance Career) New York, NY

November 2013 Kohl’s Beauty (event) Greensboro, NC

September 2013 – Books & Brunch (event) New York

September 2013 - Cocktails & Couture (panel moderator), New York

July 2013 – BlogHer Pathfinder Day (day long workshop about building your blog as a business), Chicago

June 2013 – African Pride Haircare (Panel), New York

May 2013 – The Makeup Show (Keynote), New York

August 2012 – WalMart Beauty Days (Personal Appearance), Washington, DC

November 2010 – HBA Expo (Panel), New York

May 2012 – The Makeup Show (Panel), New York

July 2009 – Cosmoprof (Panel), Las Vegas

Suggested Topics:

  • Beauty & The Blog: Take your blog from a hobby to a career
  • Social Media and PR: How to Create Your own Successful Blogger Event
  • Pitch 101: How to pitch yourself to brands
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter etiquette for bloggers
  • Social You: How to build your presence on social outlets
  • Beauty + Social:  Beauty Industry and social media how to set yourself apart
  • Beauty Marketing in the digital age
  • Negotiation 101: How to negotiate sponsored content for your website
  • What NOT to Do:  How to communicate with brand managers
  • Blogging Ethics: What to cover and what NOT to cover
  • Legal 101: Your Blog as a Business, what to do, when to incorporate

For information on booking speaking engagements please contact me at lianne (at) liannefarbes (dot) com with your event details and budget.

Do You Want Me to Come to Your City?

If you have an idea for a workshop in your city - let me know!! We can set everything up and you can host it with me.  Visit the form on the contact page and use the "workshop request" from the drop down menu.