Lianne Farbes is a beauty expert, blogger, social media influencer and founder of the now defunct Top 50 beauty blog After blogging at TMG for 10 years, she decided it was time to address things that were closer to her – namely AGING and pre-juvenation.  So one day, she just shut it down….thought about it for a week or two and came back with

She is known affectionately by some as “fairy blogmother” and as a veteran digital influencer having been an early adopter of most social platforms since 2006. Her makeup and beauty advice can be seen on local and regional TV spots for FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates and in the pages of Lucky Magazine,, InStyle Magazine. Her lifestyle and beauty brand helps keep women in the know about skincare, beauty and makeup trends from Los Angeles all the way to Europe and beyond.  Avidly immersed in social media, strategy creation and conversation every day, she commands a network of more than 55,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites.

Over the past 10 years…

  • Lianne’s blog TheMakeupGirl was listed best of the web for InStyle Magazine 2009
  • She was just one of nine bloggers to have the opportunity to create her own MAC cosmetic called Hocus Pocus for the 2011 Blogger’s Obsessions Collection.
  • She ventured out to the desert in search of detoxification at the We Care Spa
  • She appeared in a video for CVS Beauty about Drugstore Diva skincare
  • She became a Parisian Drugstore Diva
  • She appeared in an advertorial for Olay Skincare in Lucky Magazine
  • She became a brand ambassador for Avon (a position she held for two consecutive years)
  • She got a weave in the name of protective hairstyling
  • Hosted a Macy’s Summer Beauty Trend Show
  • She has spoken on panels at TheMakeupShow about beauty & social media
  • Visited countless R & D facilities and spoken with scientists about how makeup and skincare works

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You can find links to all of Lianne’s social accounts on her About.Me page

Social Media Stats:

Twitter: @Over45Beauty 31.8K+

Twitter:  @LianneFarbes 10.9K+

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Pinterest: @liannefarbes 2.1K+

Instagram: @LianneFarbes 2.5K+

Instagram: @Over45Beauty 3.1 K+

Snapchat:  MakeupGirlBlog 5.2K+

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