Lianne Farbes is a Blogger & Online Marketing/Social Media Strategist with an emphasis on Tech Industries, Beauty & Lifestyle. She has been blogging since 2005 and already has one successful online venture called The Makeup Girl.  She has developed fresh content and advertising campaigns for TMG which is now a successful revenue stream.  She also develops and maintains blogs and websites for the individual or small business.  With over 12 years experience in the online media arena, Lianne has worked for several tech companies over the years including Teleglobe, XO Communications, Time Warner Cable and Voxant to name a few.  She is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and has advanced skills in most software applications as well as being a certified Web Developer (CSS/HTML).  Lianne was an early adopter of social media who has been tweeting since early 2007.  She quickly figured out what an amazing (and free) word of mouth marketing tool it could be. She then began to leverage then fledgling sites like the aforementioned Twitter along with Facebook and MySpace and SEO to increase the traffic on her first blog by 300% in the first year. Since then, she has been freelance consulting with other bloggers, brands and corporations showing them how to do the same thing.

In 2010, Lianne founded Digital Girl Media…an online marketing, event production and social media think tank.  Her first venture under that umbrella is the amazingly popular Cocktails & Couture, an online editor networking event held during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  She has worked with some amazing bloggers as well as brands and corporations [testimonials] She is also always online, you can find Lianne on a number of social networking sites or tweetwalking with her iPhone.

Email Lianne at:  lianne (at) liannefarbes (dot) com