Hey!  I'm Lianne, nice to meet you!  I have been immersed in the world of beauty since I was a little girl.  I love everything about it, and I'm excited that I get to talk about it everyday.  Ihave also been using social media in one form or another since 2007.  Over the years, I have been able to take my love and prowess of social media and blend it with my passion for beauty to create my career!


My Mom and Nana routinely let me use Noxzema and peel off masks when I was 8.  So I grew up with women who completely EMBRACED beauty.  They let my sister and I paint our nails, watch FABULOUSLY glittery variety shows of the 70's and wear their wigs while doing so. 

In 1983, I started modeling while I was in high school in St. Louis, MO.  Often…the makeup artists that were hired to paint my face for the advertisements I was appearing in, didn’t have the correct shade for me (my face looked ashy on a REGULAR BASIS).  I knew there had to be something I could do because I saw women I idolized like Iman and Beverly Johnson in magazines and they didn't have grey faces!!

One day, a makeup artist named Christopher Starr was hired at the last minute on one of my jobs.  He KNEW that I needed help, and immediately taught me what to buy (Joe Blasco).  Then he showed me how to mix my own shade of foundation so if I were ever in that position again, I would know what to do.  It was that priceless experience that sparked something in me that propelled me to dabble in makeup and color blending. First on myself, then on friends and eventually for some of the biggest brands in the business like Prescriptives, Clarins, Borghese and Lancome.


I started using twitter back in 2007.  This was when NOBODY understood it or wanted anything to do with it. Social media has evolved into somewhat of a phenomenon, now with the introduction of other successful word of mouth marketing platforms EVERYONE (including brands) want a piece.  I have successfully used and marketed myself and other brands on social media for 8 years now.  I am avidly immersed in social media and have a network of over 35,000 with my combined accounts.


I have always written since I was in high school.  So writing has always been natural creative outlet for me.  I started my blog TheMakeupGirl in April of 2006 out of a genuine love for gabbing about my beauty purchases and what I loved/used.  After 10 years, I retired The MakeupGirl to focus on my latest passion, beauty and lifestyle for women over 45.  Out of that passion a new website, Over45Beauty was born.  As a writer/beauty editor I have also contributed to several major online publications such as Mwari MagazineThe FairestShe and Clutch Magazine just to name a few.  In May of 2010, I was named Head of the US Edition of the Parisian social platform HelloCotton.  In 2011, Iwas one of ten bloggers chosen by the Estee Lauder Companies owned MAC Cosmetics to create my own limited edition eye shadow in their lab in Toronto.  I called it Hocus Pocus and it sold out in less than a week online. I have also been an ambassador for such iconic brands like Avon, RoC Skincare and Aveeno.


Education is important to me for many reasons, the main one being that I love to give back.  Just to see the look on someone's face when they are able to achieve something they thought they couldn't do is priceless.  I have been an educator in the online marketing arena where beauty & lifestyle brands are concerned for 8 years now.  I have held Q&A sessions for corporations like Unilever on the best way to reach and work with online editors.  I have spoken on blog panels like Fashion 360, HBA Expo & The Makeup Show in New York City about blogging, the importance of transparency and the do’s and don’ts of pitching for brands and PR.  In the summer of 2014, I did my first keynote at The Makeup Show in Chicago called "Making a Name in Makeup".  I talked about mastering social media and how it can mean the difference between building your business or being stuck in the same spot.  

I'm located in the DC Metro area, you can follow me on twitter or instagram at @LianneFarbes (personal and uncensored) or @Over45Beauty/@Over45Beauty for beauty related tweets/pics.

Thanks for reading!!